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Keyboard Shortcuts


General Keys

Multiplayer Chat (Point Button)

F4 toggle windowed/fullscreen mode in windows version of the game
Esc Will function as CANCEL, EXIT, or NO when any of these options appear.
Enter/Return will function as OKAY, ACCEPT, or YES when these options appear.
Left Arrow/Right Arrow will scroll left or right through different heroes, towns, or spell book pages whenever any of these windows are open.
Adventure Window Keys
Tab / H Next Hero - activates the next hero in you own with movement points left.
M Move - automatically continues movement for a hero who is displaying a movement path.
K Kingdom Overview - displays the Kingdom Overview Window, summarizing your heroes, castles, towns, mines, treasury and gold per day
C Cast Spell - opens the current hero's spell book, to cast a spell.
E End Turn - ends your turn and proceeds to the next player.
A Adventure Options - brings up a menu of options you may perform in the Adventure Options Window.
F File Options - brings menu of options you may perform in the File Options Window.
O System Options - brings a panel of System Options for overall game settings, including such things as sound and music control and movement speed
Arrow Keys move the current hero
Ctrl + Arrow Keys scroll the radar area around.
Adventure Options Keys
V View World - displays a detailed view of the world. Only explored areas are visible.
P View Puzzle - displays the puzzle map that leads your hero to the Ultimate Artifact.
I Info Window - brings up the Scenario Information window, showing the scenario's name, description, starting options, and victory and loss conditions.
D Dig - the active hero will dig at his current location for the Ultimate Artifact. Digging requires full mobility of the hero and takes a full turn's movement.
Shift+[ (Shift+]) Change chat color
File Options Keys
N New Game - starts a new game.
L Load Game - loads a previously saved game.
S Save Game - brings up a window of file names. You may save your game under its previous name or enter a new name for the save game.
Q Quit - exits Heroes II and returns to the operating system. Hero and Town Keys
T Town Locator - makes active the first town in the town locators. Further T keystrokes will scroll through the town locators.
Enter/Return brings up the Hero or Town/Castle Window for the hero or town that is currently active.